Why Wallpaper?

1. Wallpaper is a great impersonator.It can change the visual appearance of your wall in many ways

* Adds character to a dull wall
* Warms up a room and create a cozy atmosphere
* It reflects the shape and texture of your home

2. Wallpaper is economical

Many of today's wallpaper have a life of seven to ten years. In addition, wallpaper defined as
scrubbable and cieaned with soap and warm water. With today's modern wallpaper paste it can be
easier stripped

3. Wallpaper sets a theme

Use it throughout the house that create a unified design theme throughout your home. The colours
and patterns used set the tone of the rest of the design element for your home. You can infuse
personality into your home instead of simply setting for generic plain walls and ceilings, You need three dimentionally.

4. Wallpaper adds value to your home

* Covers flaws in wall surface that paint can't
* Protects the wailsurface from marks made by today's busy family
* Add value to your most important investment. Retailstudies show that a tastefully
decorated home can attain a 10 t0 15 percent increase in property value



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